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We Won Three Paddling Film Festivals!

I was cautious when we had won two events, but now we have won all three of the paddling film festivals we entered I feel able to celebrate a little more.

The film which won is Handling Emergency Situations, a 20-minute cut-down of the 45-minute film of the same name that you'll find on Volume 3, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.  

It's the most challenging and ambitious film Gordon, Morag and I have ever attempted.  I was pleased with the results and so I am delighted the instructional qualities have been recognised.

I was slightly hesitant because there is no remotely similar instructional film to compare it against.

Now it has won Best Instructional Film at the big Reel Paddling Film Festival in Canada. Just a couple of weeks ago it won the same award at the US National Paddling Film Festival and the  Education and Safety award at the Waterwalker Film Festival.

We last won all three awards with Volume-1, way back in 2009. Volume-2 won at two of the festivals in 2011 but we missed out on Waterwalker that year.

It's nice to hit a hat-trick and go out on a high.  

I say that because I can't see anywhere I want to take the series.

To meet our exacting standards, each Volume must be better than the last, and in all honesty, that would be quite a challenge. 

Hopefully I'll be meeting Morag and Gordon soon and we can talk about whether there'll be a Volume 4.

We Won 2 Big Film Festivals

Gordon, Morag and I are delighted that a cut-down version of our film Handling Emergency Situations has won its category in two separate film festivals in North America.

The first we heard about was the safety and education category of the Waterwalker Film Festival in Canada.

The other is the instructional category of the USA National Paddling Film Festival.

You'll find the full version of the film on Volume 3, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown and a short download version here.

We're not going overboard just yet though.  We're still waiting to hear how we've done in the other competition we entered - the  and the Reel Paddling Film Festival.

Can we win the triple as we did back in 2009 with Volume 1.  (We won two but not Waterwalker in 2011 with Volume 2).

These awards help boost sales a little, but most importantly they draw sea kayaking tourists to Scotland's beautiful west coast, because the films go on tour across the US and Canada.  I'll let you know how we do in the other two competitions.

Greenest Self Catering in UK

They are officially the greenest of the green.

Our friends and neighbours at Bluebell Croft just won the 'Green Tourism Goldstar'.  

That prestigious award recognises them as the most environmentally friendly self catering business in the Green Tourism Scheme - throughout the whole of the UK.  

(The activity centre award went to Glenmore Lodge where I've filmed twice this month.)

At Bluebell Cottage, Bill and Sukie Barber have a wind turbine, large solar array and massive wood burner, which means they don't burn any oil or gas.  

With a few cows (that's daisy), two pigs (who occasionally escape) and loads of hens, ducks and geese they raise most of their own meat.  Their large poly tunnel and vast veg patch produces just about everything else.

Guests seem to enjoy feeding the birds, helping with the milking or just tickling the pigs behind their ears (which they love too).  They run courses on meat & fish smoking, and also basket making.  

Oh, and the self-catering houses are wonderful!  Their hot-tub must have the best view in the UK.  Check out their website.

Congratulations to Becky Mason - Her Film Beat Ours

Becky Mason's new film Advanced Classic Solo Canoeing beat our entry Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown - Volume 2 to win the Safety & Instruction award at the Waterwalker Film Festival.

The Canadian festival is a tribute to her father, the late Bill Mason, conservationist, canoeist and film maker. So it's fitting her film should win the award.

I'm pleased our offering received an 'honourable mention'.

Her film won also the Safety & Instruction award at the Reel Paddling Festival at which we won Best Sea Kayaking Film.

I haven't seen it, but I'm told her film is lovely, so here's the trailer.


In the USA's National Paddling Film Festival we've won Best Professional Safety / Instruction Film 2012 with a cut-down version of Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown - Volume-2.

Thanks very much for choosing our film over the other safety and instructional films which were entered. Now just waiting to hear about the Waterwalker Film Festival.

Host A Superb Film Night At Your Kayak Club or Shop

I have several 'media' type blog posts coming this week, the reason for which will become clear in a few days.

Starting with this - Here's a GREAT way to raise money for your kayak club or bring people into your store.

It's very, very easy to 'host' the Reel Paddling Film Festival winners world tour. These are 'The best paddling films of the year', and we were lucky enough to win 'Best Sea Kayaking Film 2012' with Rescues-Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown.

It's free (I think). They ship the material to you. They provide the tickets and online booking. They provide promo material. It couldn't be easier.

As an aside - I received a nice e-mail from festival Director Scott MacGregor (with that name he must have Scottish roots!) saying: "I screened it last night at the premiere, to many cheers and laughter."

Here's the thing. It's called a 'world tour' yet most of the 100 dates already booked are in the USA and Canada, because it's a Canadian award. So imagine how popular (and lucrative?) it could be to organise a hall, projector, DVD player and seats to bring this collection of films to your place?

Don't contact me though! This page tells you all you need to know. More media-type stuff tomorrow and during this week.

WE WON! Best Sea Kayaking Film 2012

I'd like to thank the director... the producer... the editor... No wait, they were all me.

Seriously - these are (some of) the people I really have to thank.

This is the St Kilda kayaking 'team' with whom Liz and I spent a highly memorable few days filming last June.

(We're looking forward to the reunion in March folks!)

Thanks also to all the other people who took part in Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown - Volume 2.

Thanks to your help, we won Best Sea Kayaking Film 2012 at the Reel Paddling Film Festival 2012. Here's their press release.

I entered a twenty-minute cut-down version of full the DVD, which runs at over two hours.

The short version will now go on an extensive tour around Canada, the USA and parts of Europe.

Our first DVD won Best Instructional Film 2010 in the same festival.

And once again, thank you to everyone who took part and helped.