Scottish Pine Martens - Free Film

I taught myself to shoot video on a DSLR while recovering from surgery last year.  It involves different techniques to my main camcorder so I set myself the exercise of making a film about the rare Pine Martens which visit our garden in the Scottish Highlands.  I hope you like it.

Download - Volume 3, Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown

We will release the Download version of Volume 3, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown priced £16.99 on the 1st March 2015 along with a package deal, The Full Set of seven films for £49.99.

Volume 3 is a significantly different production to Volumes 1 and 2. These volumes downloaded as one movie file - the coaching was interspersed with a spectacular sea kayak adventure.

Volume 3 is four separate films covering Rolling, Navigation, First Aid Kits and Handling Emergency Situations.  So the Download version is actually a 'package' of these four separate films.  And there's more… 

Strategies for Superb Food When Kayak Camping

I was asked by The Kayak Critic.Net if I would join a host of other paddlers in providing three back-country recipes for the website.  

Instead, I decided to offer what I called 'strategies' for great food when sea kayaking - the first of which caused something of a 'stir'.  You'll see why.  

My post has been on for a week so I thought I'd publish it here too.  Check KayakCritic.Net for the other great recipes.  Continues

Review - Kayaking The Aleutians, a Justine Curgenven film

If you'd like to save time don't read this review - just buy the film.  It's cheaper if you order the pre-release version release before Valentine's Day, 14th February 2015 (details below).  

And let's face it, you're going to want this film. (Update - Justine taking film / presentation on tour).

Quite simply, it is the best yet from Justine Curgenven and chronicles her 101 days spent kayaking with Sarah Outen linking together the inhospitable yet beautiful Aleutian Island chain off Alaska.  

While waiting for the DVD you can download the free podcast and listen to Justine tell the story of the expedition -

New Podcast - Sea Kayaking Patagonia

If you've always wanted to sea kayak remote parts of Patagonia then you're going to find lots of useful information in this month's podcast.

If you've never given the place a second thought, get ready to add a new destination to your bucket list.

Erin Bastian tells a great tale of organising her own 800km expedition at and on iTunes and Stitcher.


So what's Club La Santa really like for cyclists?

For the last few years my wife and I have wondered what a winter week in this sports resort on the Canary Island of Lanzarote would be like. 

Would it be Pontins with push-ups? Hi-de-hi for the fit families of Europe?

 Or would it be a great way to train in relatively warm weather while home in Scotland turned grey, cold and soggy? 

In 2014 Club la Santa opened a new village of apartments, set aside from the main and close to the new aquatic centre. So we took the plunge. To share the cost of one of the new two-bedroom apartments at a low-season time, we travelled with two friends and booked a week just before Christmas.  (Continues….)

Blog Changes

As you can see - things have changed.  It's not just cosmetic either.  I felt this blog was too cluttered and had too little focus. 

In future I will use Twitter for all the casual, short postings - you can read those alongside.

Anything I post will hopefully have more in depth content and the tabs above will (hopefully) help keep me on track. 

Gradually I'm working my way through older, more popular posts and linking them to the tabs above.  For a while it means old posts will appear in the timeline as if they are new, when in reality they;re just republished.  

Sorry about that. Things will settle down.

Junking the Junk Training Miles Continued - 2nd Fitness Test

It is enormously satisfying to achieve a goal.  

Last week I discovered that I was on track with, not one, but three of my cycle training goals. 

Of course, the real goals come this summer when I try to ride the Raid Pyrenean and La Marmotte sportive. 

Back in November, I wrote at length about my testing session with Dr Garry Palmer of Sportstest which had happened a few weeks earlier.  

The fundamental point of the session was to give me precise heart rate training zones, and a training plan to follow.